Driver Profile - Tony Beaber

Tony on the gas at Attica Raceway

Name: Tony Beaber
Birthdate: 6/10/77
Hometown: Gibsonburg Ohio
Marital Status: Married
Family: Alex 6, Emma 2
Occupation: Fabricator
How did you choose your car number? it was the number on the car when i got hooked up with Alan Toth.
Chassis: Beaberbuilt
Engine Builder: Bob Hampshire
Crew: Ben Davis & Dave Blausey
Sponsors: Title Search Consultants, Beaberbuilt, Dick Lyons, Keller Chevy, K S Sales & Service, Bel-Aire Cleaners, G-Spot Choppers, Limousine Excursions, Hank & Associates, and Dura Lube
Favorite Track: All dirt tracks
Divisions competed in: Go-Karts, Midgets, 360 Sprints and 410 Sprints with and without the wing.
Years Racing: Ten
Championships: One
Regular Tracks/Series : Lawrenceburg, Attica, Gas city and we hit some USAC as well as All Stars
Hobbies: Pool, bowling and anything with racing.
Favorite TV show: Dont have time for tv
Favorite Music: Rock but I love it all
Favorite Band: Green Day and Kid Rock
Favorite Food: You can never go wrong with a pizza
Favorite Beverage: Mt Dew
Favorite Restaurant: Pizza Hut
Favorite Driver: My dad of course.

When and how did you get started in racing?

I got a late start in go karts at the age of 17. I wanted to race my whole life so I bought one when i had the money.

Who had the biggest impact on your racing career and why?

Without a doubt it was my dad, Johnny Beaber. I was always going to the races and getting to stand on the front strecth with flash bulbs in my eyes. Its what I have always known.

What would you be doing if you weren't racing?

I have no clue. I've never thought of doing anything else. Probably working alot less though. What is your favorite aspect of racing?

If I have to choose one I would say driving. I love it all, the noise the smell, the dirt. Even when im not driving I have to go at least to help friends who race.

What is your greatest accomplishment/best memory?

I'll give ya two, the fisrt is my dad actually giving up a seat so I could get started in racing and the best has been getting hooked up with Alan Toth and getting to do all the racing we do.

What is the worst thing that has happened to you in racing, or your worst season?

That would have to be 2003 when we destroyed three race cars at Fremont Speedway when we only went there three times.

In your own words, describe your 2004 season:

The short end of the stick.

What are your plans for the 2005 season?

Alan Toth will still be providing me with an awesome ride. We will run more wing shows at Attica and do alot of Lawrenceburg. We will hit all the USAC shows at the big E and some bigger races at Gas City.

Where do you see Sprint Car racing five years from now?

Not much different, just more expensive

What is your ultimate goal?

To keep racing. What ever kind of car or where ever I can.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks to all of my friends and family for the support. You guys rock!!!! See ya on the front stretch.