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2/3 Senoia Raceway ASCoC CANCELLED
2/4 Senoia Raceway ASCoC CANCELLED
2/23 Lincoln Speedway Opening Night FREDDIE RAHMER
2/26 Lincoln Speedway Ice Breaker JUSTIN PECK
3/5 Port Royal Speedway Season Opener DYLAN CISNEY
3/10 Port Royal Speedway WoO CANCELLED
3/11 Port Royal Speedway WoO CANCELLED
3/17 Williams Grove Speedway WoO CANCELLED
3/18 Lincoln Speedway WoO RICO ABREU
3/24 Attica Raceway Season Opener CANCELLED
3/26 Baps Motor Speedway Season Opener ATHONY MACRI
4/7 Attica Raceway ASCoC CANCELLED
4/8 Atomic Speedway FAST BRANDON WIMMER
4/14 Attica Raceway ASCOC CRAIG MINTZ
4/15 Attica Raceway ASCoC BRENT MARKS
4/21 Lernerville Speedway Opening Night AJFLICK
4/22 Port Royal Speedway 10G to win CANCELLED
4/28 Lernerville Speedway Regular Show CANCELLED
4/30 Tri-City Raceway Opening Night CANCELLED
5/5 Lernerville Speedway Regular Show BRANDON SPITHALER
5/6 Mercer Raceway Opening Night BRANDON SPITHALER
5/7 Tri-City Raceway Opening Night CANCELLED
5/12 Lernerville Speedway Regular Show DAN KURIGER
5/16 Wayne County Speedway High Limit KYLE LARSON
5/20 Sharon Speedway WoO DONNY SCHATZ
5/24 Alaska Raceway Park Circle Track EXIBITION
5/27 Thunder Valley Speedway Season Opener JOHN MCDONALD
5/29 Alaska Raceway Park NHRA WILLIE BROWN
5/31 Knox Raceway Western Pa Speedweek BRANDON SPITHALER
6/1 PPMS Western Pa Speedweek AJ FLICK
6/2 Lernerville Speedway Western Pa Speedweek AJ FLICK
6/3 Sharon Speedway Western Pa Speedweek DAVE BLANEY
6/4 Tri-City Raceway Western Pa Speedweek MARK SMITH
6/10 Mercer Raceway BOSS CARMEN PERIGO
6/11 Knox Raceway BOSS ISAAC CHAPPEL
6/12 Wayne County Speedway ASCoC TYLER COURTNEY
6/13 Sharon Speedway ASCoC CANCELLED
6/17 Port Royal Speedway USAC JUSTIN GRANT
6/17 Port Royal Speedway 410 Sprints STEVE BUCKWALTER
6/18 Tri-City Raceway Regular Show AJ FLICK
6/25 Knox Raceway 410 Sprints CANCELLED
6/28 Sharon Speedway 410 Sprints DALE BLANEY
6/30 Lernerville Speedway BOSS RICKY LEWIS
7/1 Tri-City Raceway Regular Show CANCELLED
7/2 Knox Raceway 410 Sprints CANCELLED
7/7 Lernerville Speedway Regular Show AJ FLICK
7/8 Sharon Speedway ASCoC TYLER COURTNEY
7/9 Tri-City Raceway Regular Show CANCELLED
7/11 Attica Raceway Brad Doty CLassic KYLE LARSON
7/14 Clinton County Speedway 410 Sprints MARK SMITH
7/16 Tri-City Raceway Regular Show BOB FELMLEE
7/18 Lernerville Speedway ASCoC KYLE LARSON
7/19 Baps Motor Speedway WoO CANCELLED
7/22 Wayne County Speedway FAST BRANDON SPITHALER
7/23 Tri-City Raceway FAST CANCELLED
7/28 Lernerville Speedway Regular Show POSTPONED
7/29 Sharon Speedway Regular Show MIKE BAUER
8/5 Hummingbird Speedway RUSH Sprints BLAZE MYERS
8/6 Tri-City Raceway Regular Show CANCELLED
8/11 Lernerville Speedway Regular Show CARL BOWSER
8/13 Tri-City Raceway Regular Show CANCELLED
8/18 Lernerville Speedway Make up Show AJ FLICK
8/18 Lernerville Speedway Regular Show MARK SMITH
8/19 Port Royal Speedway Greg Hodnett Classic DEVON BORDEN
8/19 Port Royal Speedway Dream Race BRENT MARKS
8/20 Selinsgrove Speedway ASCoC ZEB WISE
8/26 Lernerville Speedway FAST AJFLICK
8/27 Tri-City Raceway Season Finale MATT FARNHAM
8/30 Sharon Speedway Wed Night Thunder DAVE BLANEY
9/2 Attica Raceway Park ASCoC ZEB WISE
9/3 Tri-City Raceway FAST AJ FLICK
9/7 Port Royal Speedway ASCoC CANCELLED
9/9 Sharon Speedway Apple Festival DALE BLANEY
9/16 Fremont Speedway ASCoC ZEB WISE
9/23 Sharon Speedway WoO -
9/26 Lernerville Speedway High Limit DAVID GRAVEL
9/30 Williams Grove Speedway WoO BRENT MARKS
9/30 Williams Grove Speedway WoO BRAD SWEET
10/5 Port Royal Speedway ASCoC BRIAN BROWN
10/13 Port Royal Speedway Season Finale CANCELLED
10/21 Baps Motor Speedway 410 Sprints -
11/5 Big B Speedway Big B Classic -
11/11 Baps Motor Speedway Final Showdown DANNY DIETRICH

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