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2/23 Lincoln Speedway Icebreaker 30 CANCELLED
3/2 Lincoln Speedway Regular Show CANCELLED
3/10 Port Royal Speedway Opening Day CANCELLED
3/16 Lincoln Speedway Regular Show DANNY DIETRICH
3/17 Williams Grove Speedway Opening Day LUCAS WOLFE
3/22 Attica Raceway Park Season Opener CANCELLED
3/23 Port Royal Speedway Season Opener DYLAN CISNEY
3/29 Attica Raceway Park Season Opener CANCELLED
3/30 Lincoln Speedway Regular Show FREDDIE RAHMER
4/6 Attica Raceway Park Season Opener CALE CONLEY
4/11 Virginia Motor Speedway ASCOC CORY ELIASON
4/12 Williams Grove Speedway ASCOC POSTPONED
4/13 Port Royal Speedway ASCOC LANCE DEWEASE
4/14 Bedford Speedway ASCOC CANCELLED
4/19 Lernerville Speedway Opening Night CANCELLED
4/20 Port Royal Speedway Regular Show DANNY DIETRICH
4/26 Attica Raceway Park ASCOC CANELLED
4/27 Port Royal Speedway Regular Show LOGAN WAGNER
5/3 Lernerville Speedway ASCOC POSTPONED
5/4 Sharon Speedway ASCOC -
5/10 Alaska Raceway Park Season Opener -
5/11 Alaska Raceway Park Season Opener -
5/18 Sharon Speedway 410 Sprints AJ FLICK
5/24 Attica Raceway ASCOC AARON REUTZEL
5/25 Wayne County Speedway ASCOC CANCELLED
5/30 Mansfield Speedway SCWC CANCELLED
5/31 Mansfield Speedway SCWC ELIASON/REUTZEL
6/1 Mansfield Speedway SCWC CANCELLED
6/8 Stateline Speedway ASCOC DALE BLANEY
6/14 Attica Raceway ASCOC KYLE LARSON
6/15 Eldora Speedway ASCOC CANCELLED
6/15 Port Royal Speedway USAC/410s TYLER COURTNERY/LUCAS WOLFE
6/17 Wayne County Speedway ASCOC CANCLLED
6/18 Sharon Speedway ASCOC CANCELLED
6/20 Mansfield Speedway ASCOC CANCELLED
6/22 Wayne County Speedway ASCOC BUDDY KOFOID
6/28 Lernerville Speedway BOSS JUSTIN OWEN
6/29 Sharon Speedway Regular Show DAVE BLANEY
7/1 Lincoln Speedway Pa Speedweek BRIAN MONTIETH
7/3 Port Royal Speedway Pa Speedweek LANCE DEWEASE
7/5 Lernerville Speedway ASCOC AARON REUTZEL
7/6 Sharon Speedway ASCOC DALE BLANEY
7/11 Expo Speedway BRP Mod Tour Chris Rudolph
7/16 Attica Raceway WoO CANCELLED
7/19 Lernerville Speedway Regular Night AJ FLICK
7/20 Eldora Speedway KINGS ROYAL BRAD SWEET
7/23 Lernerville Speedway WoO DAVID GRAVEL
7/26 Thunder Mountain Speedway 410 Sprints CARL BOWSER
7/27 Sharon Speedway 410 Sprints DAVE BLANEY
8/3 Sharon Speedway 410 Sprints CHAD KEMENAH
8/10 Lernerville Speedway Regular Show JACK SODEMAN JR
8/10 Sharon Speedway 410 Sprints COLE DUNCAN
8/11 Eriez Speedway PST SCOTT KREUTTER
8/17 Sharon Speedway FAST SYE LYNCH
8/23 Williams Grove Speedway ASCOC AARON REUTZEL
8/23 Williams Grove Speedway ASCOC LANCE DEWEASE
8/24 Lincoln Speedway ASCOC SKYLER GEE
8/31 Attica Raceway ASCOC BROCK ZEARFOSS
9/1 Wayne County Speedway ASCOC CANCELLED
9/2 Wayne County Speedway ASCOC CAP HENRY
9/5 Bedford Speedway ASCOC AARON REUTZEL
9/7 Port Royal Speedway ASCOC AARON REUTZEL
9/14 Atomic Speedway ASCOC AARON REUTZEL
9/20 Williams Grove Speedway ASCOC AARON REUTZEL
9/21 Lincoln Speedway ASCOC BRIAN MONTIETH
9/22 Hagerstown Speedway ASCOC AARON REUTZEL
9/28 Eldora Speedway AsCoC AARON REUTZEL
9/29 Kokomo Speedway FAST CANCELLED
10/4 Williams Grove Speedway WoO DAVID GRAVEL
10/5 Williams Grove Speedway WoO BRENT MARKS
10/25 Port Royal Speedway WoO DONNY SCHATZ
10/26 Port Royal Speedway WoO CANCELLED
11/3 Big B Speedway Big B Classic SAM WEAVER
11/16 Susquehanna Speedway 410 Sprints DANNY DIETRICH

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